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Zinc galvanizing has covered extensive industrial fields from building a social overhead capital to a simple product such as manholes, and it plays an important role in the national safety. It, however, can be said that its range of usage in Korea is a little limited when comparing to that of other advanced countries and the public information is not well established in Korea. At present there is no more meaning of a border among countries in the viewpoints of standards and information exchange. It means that meeting the international standards for product quality and marketing strategy are seriously required.

Under the umbrella of Korea Galvanizers Association, 50 members are doing their best to achieve the association's aims as follows:

1) Information exchange among the members concerning about high quality and cost cut

2)  R & D activities by strengthening the relationships with other associations of the advanced countries and by participating in international conferences such as the Asian-Pacific General Galvanizing Conference and Inter Galva

3) Establishment of Environment friendly efforts to keep the earth clean

 square30_gray.gif Activities

1. Exchange of Technology and Information
2. Creation of Consumption
3. Development of Environment Friendly Mind


February, 2003

Moved to 127-19 Gamjeon-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea 617-050

April, 2002

Moved to 5F Marina Center, 1434-1 Woo1-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan
October 2001 Held the 5th Asia-Pacific General Galvanizing Conference (BEXCO, Busan)
October , 2002 Renamed as Korea Galvanizers Association (Authorized by the Ministry of
Commerce, Industry and Energy)
May , 2001 Attended the pre-meeting of Asia-Pacific General Galvanizers Association
May , 2001 Visited Hot Dip Galvanizing Discipline Committee in Chinese Society for
Corrosion and Protection (HDGDC)
November , 2000 Attended the 37th Annual Meeting of the Galvanizers Association of Australia
October , 2000 Had visitors from the Japan Galvanizers Association (JGA)
August, 2000 Published the Monthly Newspaper of KGA
July, 2000 Attended the foundation ceremony of Taiwan Galvanizers Association

July, 2000

Organized the Secretariat of the 5th Asian-Pacific General Galvanizing Conference

June, 2000

Had visitors from Kusu area of the West Japan Branch of Japan Galvanizers Association

May, 2000

Had a meeting with the galvanizers of Kyunggi province and Incheon

November, 1999

Visited Japan Galvanizers Association

September, 1999

Participated in the 4th Asian-Pacific General Galvanizing Conference (Malaysia)
Designated as the host country of the 5th Asian

 July, 1999

Moved to 27-223 Industrial Goods Distribution Complex, 578 Kwaebop-dong, Sasang-gu, Pusan Metropolitan City)

 June, 1999

Held a workshop (Hyundai Hotel, Kyungju)

 April, 1999

Attended an Annual Meeting of the West Japan Branch of Japan Galvanizers Association and had a plant tour

 June, 1998

Had visitors from the the West Japan Branch of Japan Galvanizers Association

 April, 1998

Had visitors from Japan Galvanizers Association

 October, 1997

Visited Japan Galvanizers Association

 July, 1997

Moved to 651-1 Umgoong-dong, Sasang-gu, Pusan Metropolitan City

 April, 1997

Attended an Annual Meeting of the West Japan Branch of the Japan Galvanizers Association

 December, 1996

Renamed as Pusan-Youngnam Galvanizers Association

 November, 1996

Had visitors from the the West Japan Branch of Japan Galvanizers Association

 January, 1996

Entered a sister-association relationship with the West Japan Branch of Japan Galvanizers Association

 October, 1994

Participated in the 2nd Asian-Pacific General Galvanizing Conference (Japan)

 September, 1992

Participated in the 1st Asian-Pacific General Galvanizing Conference (Taiwan)

 December, 1990

Established under the name of Pusan-Youngnam Galvanizers Society (Allak-dong, Dongnae-gu, Pusan Metropolitan City)

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Busan, KOREA 617-050
Tel: +82-(0)51-312-8481
Fax: +82-(0)51-312-8483
E-mail: galva@galva.or.kr
Website: www.galva.or.kr