square15_purple.gif Date : October 21 - 25, 2001

      square15_purple.gif Place : Busan Exhibition & Convention Center(BEXCO)
                         Paradise Hotel & Casino Busan at Haeundae of Busan, Korea

      square15_purple.gif Language : English

      square15_purple.gif How to get Invitation Letter :
Upon request, the Secretariat of the conference will send an invitation letter to the person(s) who wish to
          participate in the conference. The invitation letter does not necessarily mean to support travel expenses
          including hotels.

      square15_purple.gif Air travel :
        All participants can arrive directly (or via Seoul) at Kimhae International Airport. Haeundae is about one
          hour distance from the airport by limousine.

      square15_purple.gif Weather : 15 - 20 during October. Long sleeves or sweaters may be needed at night (especially on the beach).

      square15_purple.gif Meetings and Social Events : Space for meetings or events will be tendered for affiliate groups.

      square15_purple.gif Exhibition : Around 20 booths of 9

      square15_purple.gif Family and Guest Program : Two to three enjoyable programs.

      square15_purple.gif Tours
          Optional one day tours can be booked through our official travel agency (will be announced soon) either before
          or during the conference. Interesting points close to Haeundae are Taejongdae (scenic drive), Chagalch'i fish
          market (a kind of Korean traditional market), and Pomo Temple. You can also visit Kyongju which is very
          famous as the capital city of Shilla dynasty, more than one thousand years ago.

      square15_purple.gif Beach Marathon : You can enjoy 3 race (walking, jogging or running) on the Haeundae Beach.

      square15_purple.gif For more information, please contact :
        Ms. Jee-young Min
        Korea Galvanizers Association
        Add. : #27-223 Busan Industrial Supplies Market, 578, Kwaebop-dong, Sasang-gu,Busan, Korea
        Tel: +82-(0)51-319-2573
        Fax: +82-(0)51-319-2574

      square15_purple.gif Secretariat Office
       Ms. Elle Kwak
         Kyeong Communications Co., Ltd.
         Add. : Halla Bldg. 5F, 588-1 Shinpyung 2-dong, Saha-gu, Busan, Korea
         Tel : +82-(0)51-207-1645
         Fax : +82-(0)51-207-1646
         e-mail : mothex@mothex.co.kr